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Faded FlooringA sunny window view is a good thing in any office or work environment, but when the sun starts shining through the glass suddenly your team is working in a greenhouse.

Everyone’s well aware of the UK’s gradually rising temperatures, and a couple of cool summers can only mean there’s a really hot one just around the corner. Our range of solar and UV control window films provide an elegant solution which keeps the sunny view, clears out all the messy blinds and solar control films deflect up to 80% of the suns heat and filter out up to 85% of glare.

Solar control window film

Focuses on reducing glare and heat caused by sunlight; the film can gently shade or reflect the suns rays before they come through your glass windows keeping temperatures and glare down inside; up to 90% of the glare can be reduced to cover every situation from offices and homes receiving occasional blinks of sunlight through to high rise, south facing, glass façade office blocks which slowly cook the unfortunate workers inside!

Besides simple comfort solar control can help improve many health and safety issues like the eye strain caused trying to decipher computer monitors with direct sunlight shining onto them, or possible tripping hazards created when direct sunlight briefly “blinds” you.

UV control window film

UV ChartOther contributing factors that cause fading

A great partner product to solar control with huge advantages in home conservatories, retail, libraries and museums is our UV control film system.

UV film doesn’t block out all the sunlight, it just aims at the harmful ultra-violet rays which cause fading to carpets, soft furnishings, books, files or window exhibits of retail products. Between 98% up to 99% of all the UV rays are filtered out.

So homeowners need not worry about that expensive suite for the conservatory, retail stores can forget about losing money on window display products and museums and art galleries can show off even priceless items in the sunniest window our UV film will help reduce fading.

For south facing windows getting a lot of direct sunlight there really is no smarter answer; UV protecting and Solar Control Window Films are quickly applied with a minimum of fuss and at a fraction of the cost of specialist glass. And even if the film is somehow damaged, our professional team can quickly peel it off and add a new one, we’re fully accredited installers for all the window film range so you can be assured of the best finish every time.

Whatever your UV or solar control needs at home or the office you can trust in the specialists at UK Solar; contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team and arrange a full survey and quotation.

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