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Solar Window film BMW Bromley


Solar Window Film fitted at BMW showroom in Bromley, South East London



From May onwards, heat, glare and sunlight streamed through the large, south facing show windows of the Stephen James BMW Dealership, affecting trade and demoralising the staff.

The showroom, situated in the London suburb of Bromley, faced due south and west. Glare was making it hard for the sales team to work on the computers, and the sun's reflection was rendering the new plasma TV displays useless.

The air conditioning system was struggling to cope, and electricity costs were mounting. The owner, Stephen James, knew that something had to be done before the summer. Particularly since potential customers were put off spending time in the overheated, dazzling showroom, and staff were complaining.


Stephen contacted Paul Sutton, from UK Solar, who recommended the use of Solar Zone Cold Steel 20 Exterior. Cold Steel was suitable for installing on the large laminated glass panels, and ideal for maximising heat rejection and minimising glare, without changing the look of the building too significantly.

Paul and his team installed the film over two days, carefully using an access tower around the front of the building to minimise disruption to the sales team.


The showroom sales people were pleased to use the computer and display screens more effectively, and Stephen was encouraged by the potentially energy savings from lower running costs of the air conditioning.

All the staff agreed that the film made a positive difference not only to the working environment, but also to the overall atmosphere in the showroom.











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