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Commercial Solar Window Film West London


UKSolar installed Solar Window Film in this commercial property in West London. 

Our heat and glare reduction solar window film works perfectly with office glazing, tempering intense sunlight and minimising discomfort from sun glare.

This window film not only provides a comfortable work environment by diffusing glare but also curtails air conditioning expenses.

By effectively controlling indoor temperatures, the film alleviates the burden on cooling systems, yielding substantial energy savings.

Our commercial solar window film stands as a testament to improved comfort, enhanced productivity, and tangible cost efficiency for enterprises seeking a more sustainable future.

Commercial Solar Window Film West London


What other services do we supply?

  • Window Film
  • One Way Privacy Film
  • Solar Film
  • UV Window Film
  • Safety Film
  • Security Film
  • Anti Condensation Film
  • Anti Fade Anti Glare Film
  • Block out Film
  • Frosted Film
  • Conservatory Window Film
  • Signs & Graphics
  • Logos
  • Digital Prints 
  • Wall Art
  • Metal Plaques
  • Laser Cut Engraved Acrylic / Metals
  • Vinyl Wrapping

More information How to cool properties with window film

Did you know a window film can keep you cooler in summer thus reducing Air Con bills but also keep you warmer in winter reducing energy and gas bills? 

See here for more information on Energy Saving Window Film for winter.


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