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Conservatory Window Film Windsor Berkshire


The Conservatory Window Film in Windsor, Berkshire offers an effective solution to combat heat, glare, and UV radiation. By installing Solar Film, this service ensures a more comfortable indoor environment by minimising excess heat and glare.

Additionally, the film incorporates UV inhibitors that provide valuable protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

This safeguards furniture and flooring, helping to prevent premature ageing and fading caused by prolonged UV exposure. The Conservatory Window Film effectively combines functionality with preservation, enhancing both the comfort and longevity of interior spaces in Windsor, Berkshire.

Conservatory Solar Window Film Windsor BerkshireConservatory Solar Window Film Windsor Berkshire


What other services do we supply?

  • Window Film
  • One Way Privacy Film
  • Solar Film
  • UV Window Film
  • Safety Film
  • Security Film
  • Anti Condensation Film
  • Anti Fade Anti Glare Film
  • Block out Film
  • Frosted Film
  • Conservatory Window Film
  • Signs & Graphics
  • Logos
  • Digital Prints 
  • Wall Art
  • Metal Plaques
  • Laser Cut Engraved Acrylic / Metals
  • Vinyl Wrapping

More information How to cool properties with window film

Did you know a window film can keep you cooler in summer thus reducing Air Con bills but also keep you warmer in winter reducing energy and gas bills? 

See here for more information on Energy Saving Window Film for winter.

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