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How to cool properties in London & Kent with Solar Window Film


Keep your property comfortable for less

Whether you are aiming to decrease carbon emissions, reduce operating cost or create a productive and comfortable environment we offer a non invasive, speedy and cost efficient option for business and domestic properties in Kent, London and the South East.

Windows offer the finest opportunity for saving energy.  Solar energy enters through windows and will cause heat to rise inside the building which can lead to an uncomfortable work area and increase the need for expensive air conditioning.

Our solar control window films have been proven to reject heat and glares as well as reducing air conditioning consumption by up to 30% and this will reduce your bills.

Solar control window film is more cost efficient than installing new windows and works better than low-E coatings at solar heat rejection.  All of our window films can be installed externally or internally and depending on the film and come with a 5-20 year warranty.

Save energy and money

Solar window films can decrease your energy consumption and cooling cost with hardly any disruption to your workforce.  By installing solar window film up to 79% of solar energy can be rejected and energy use reduced by up to 30%.  It has been established by one of the world’s top energy research centres that solar window film can beat the return on investment when compared with blinds, awnings, reflective foots and window replacements.

In the home, glare and heat can be massively reduced in areas like conservatories or through large patio or bi-fold doors. As well as solar heat reduction the window film helps stop fading and can even protect from skin cancer caused by too much harmful UV.

Decrease energy use and reduce carbon footprint

When energy use is decreased, the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.  Our solar window films are carbon negative which produces a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime.  These are in most cases carbon neutral within one month of installation. Thus meaning that the film will save more energy when installed than it takes for them to be produced.  The carbon cost of one square meter of solar window film is less than 10kg.  to compare, a low-e wood frame window has a carbon cost of approximately 444 kg per square meter.  Solar window film saves 100 times more greenhouse gas emissions over its life from entering the atmosphere than is used or created during manufacture.

Solar window film eliminates harmful solar rays

Solar window film will block more than 99% of harmful UV light which is associated with premature ageing and skin cancer and filters visible light.  Solar window film has an SPF of 285+ and can also protect carpets, furnishings, art and more from fading and damage due to UV exposure.

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solar window film benefitssolar window film benefits

What other services do we supply?

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  • UV Window Film
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  • Security Film
  • Anti Condensation Film
  • Anti Fade Anti Glare Film
  • Block out Film
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More information How to cool properties with window film

Did you know a window film can keep you cooler in summer thus reducing Air Con bills but also keep you warmer in winter reducing energy and gas bills? 

See here for more information on Energy Saving Window Film for winter.

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