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Effective Bomb Blast Window Film in London

We were initially established to help protect businesses from the threat of a terrorist bomb blast; unfortunately, the threat of a terrorist attack is still very high and still a big concern. Provided across the South East, including London, our bomb blast safety films protect you and your employees and offer peace of mind when based in a busy city centre like London.

In an explosion, glass particles can travel at the speed of up to 150mph. If a bomb explodes 400 metres away, glass from a broken window can hit a wall five metres away at a speed of 75 metres per second. In this scenario, glass particles of any size are unquestionably lethal. 

In fact, 90% of injuries aren't caused by the explosion itself but by flying glass. This is why it is absolutely imperative that steps are taken to ensure the windows and partitions are sufficiently safe and protected. 

One of the easiest, cheapest and quickest ways to protect against bomb blasts is to install a bomb blast safety window film. By strengthening and reinforcing your existing glass and helping to hold broken glass together in the event of an explosion,  our bomb blast window film greatly reduces the chance of glass causing injury, damage or death. Because the latest films are incredibly flexible and able to stretch, they can absorb a significant amount of the shockwave caused by an explosion.

Working throughout the South East, including London, we specialise in supplying and installing durable, high quality and cost effective bomb blast window film that is proven to work. So call London's experts at UK Solar today on 020 8325 3724 to arrange your property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

It is your responsibility as an employer to protect your staff and the public around your London premises; if you are based in an area with any kind of bomb blast risk, perhaps near a governmental building or a key transport link, the only sensible decision is cost effective window film protection.

Join companies all over London incorporating bomb blast window films into their disaster recovery plans and speak to our experts today to arrange a detailed survey and quotation.



Performance Parameters for Different Window TypesAC 4 Mil ClearAC 7 Mil ClearAC 8 Mil Clear
Performance Results4mm Single clear Simple vitrag4/12/4mm Double clear Double vitrage4mm Single clear Simple vitrage4/12/4mm Double clear Double vitrage4mm Single clear Simple vitrage4/12/4mm Double clear Double vitrage
Visible Light 
Transmittance %888088808779
Solar Energy 
Infrared rejection @780 à 2500 nm %*24-26-28-
Ultraviolet light blocked @300 to 380 nm %>99>99>99>99>99>99
Fade control UV Tdw-ISO @300 to 700 nm %**635763576256
Fade reduction %262326232724
Physical Properties 
Tnom/T (μm) Nominal/overall thickness100/125175/200200/235
Tensile strength - kg/cm²211021102110
Peel strength - g/cm>985>985>985
Yield strength - kg/cm² (at 5%)10,818,921,6
Break strength - kg/cm22,038,544,0
Tear strength - kg (Graves)3,05,36,0
Puncture strength - kg30,052,064,0
Safety Testing*** 
EN 12600 Human impact2B21B11B1
EN 356 Resistance to manual attackN/AN/AP1A
ISO 16933, GSA or ASTM Bomb blast resistanceN/AN/AY

* Infrared rejection = 1 - average unweighted transmittance using ASTM E 903. **Tdw-ISO is the percentage of transmitted light that causes fading. A lower number means more protection against fading.

CRB Checked IPAF DBS Contractor Plus Construction Skill Safe Contractor pasma IWFA hanita Cool Kote


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