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Heat and Glare Reducing Conservatory Window Film London Kent

Whether you have a glass or a polycarbonate conservatory roof, we can dramatically reduce the internal temperature and any glare issues you may be experiencing by simply applying a conservatory window film. It’s a cost effective and maintenance free alternative to blinds and air condition units, instantly making you conservatory more comfortable all year round without blocking out natural light and retaining your view outside.

Conservatory window film also blocks over 99% of harmful UV Light and has an SPF of 250 +, protecting you, your family and your possessions from UV light, that’s harmful for  your skin and causes fading  to your furnishings, flooring and possessions.

Blinds can be very costly, require high maintenance and can obstruct your view outside. Roller and pleated roof blinds provide shade, but can attract dust and insects, are difficult to clean and still allows heat in.  Conservatory window film is comparably cheaper, more aesthetically pleasing and has little to no maintenance.     

Call us today on 020 8325 3724 to arrange your property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. We work across the whole of the UK, including Kent and London, supplying and installing the very best conservatory window film products. We also cover Bromley, Orpington, Chislehurst, Beckenham and Swanley


There are a number of benefits to using a conservatory window film.

  • They're cool and comfortable in the summer
  • A pleasing appearance
  • Cheaper than blinds 
  • No maintenance is needed
  • No major reduction of visible light either
  • Great alternative to blinds
  • Maintain you view outside

Coolkote 60 Specifications

Performance Data 
Visible Light Transmitted21.7%
Visible Light Reflected41.3%
Visible Light Absorbed37.2%
Ultra Violet Block99%
Total Solar Energy Reflected67%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted13%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed20%
Shading Coefficient0.21
Solar Heat Gain Coeff. (g-Value)0.18
Glare Reduction80%
Performance Guide 
Solar Heat Rejection5/5
Glare Reduction5/5
UV Reduction5/5
Fade Reduction5/5
Safety & SecurityN/A
One-Way Privacy3.5/5
Two-Way PrivacyN/A
Warranty Period8 Years


Silver 20 Specifications

Performance Data 
Total Solar Energy Rejected77%
Solar Energy Reflected52%
Solar Energy Absorbed34%
Solar Energy Transmitted14%
Visible Light Transmitted17%
Visible Light Reflected55%
Ultra Violet Light Rejected99%
Shading Coefficient0.27
Solar Heat Gain Coeff. (g Value)0.23
Glare Reduction81%
Performance Guide 
Solar Heat Rejection5/5
Glare Reduction5/5
UV Reduction5/5
Fade Reduction5/5
Safety & SecurityN/A
One-Way Privacy4/5
Two-Way PrivacyN/A
Warranty Period10 Years

Key: Excellent - 5/5 | Some Benefit: 1/5


Bromley Court Hotel

In 1998 we completed an installation of CoolKote solar control window film at the Bromley Court Hotel. At the the time this was the biggest installation of CoolKote in the country.


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