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Solve heat and glare issues, reduce your carbon footprint and save on bills.

Energy Saving Window Film, Reduce Heat Loss and lower your carbon footprint. Save on bills in London Kent

Keep your building more comfortable for less!

Whether you goal is to reduce operating costs, decrease carbon emissions or create a more comfortable and productive environment, we can offer a fast, non invasive and cost efficient solution for customers in London, Kent and the South East.

Your buildings windows offer one of the best opportunities for energy savings. Solar energy enters through the windows and causes heat to build up inside the building, leading to an uncomfortable work space and an increased need for air conditioning.

With proven heat rejection our solar control window films can dramatically reduce any heat and or glares issues as well as reduce your air conditioning consumption by up to 30% and in turn reducing your bills.

Solar control window film is less costly than installing new windows and more efficient than low-E coatings at rejecting solar heat. All of our window films can be installed internally or externally and come with a 5-20year warranty depending on the window film.   

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Save money and energy

Our solar window films can cut down your cooling costs and energy consumption with little to no disruption to your workforce. By installing solar window film you can reduce your energy use by up to 30% and reject up to 79% of solar energy. One of the world’s top energy research centres found that window film tops the return on investment list when compared with window replacements, blinds, awnings and reflective roofs.   

Decrease your energy use and reduce your carbon footprint

When you decrease you energy use, you are reducing your greenhouse gas emissions – and your buildings carbon footprint. Our solar window films are carbon negative, producing a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over their lifetime, they are in many cases carbon neutral within one month of instal. In short this means that the film saves more energy when they are installed than it takes to produce them. The carbon cost of one square meter of solar window film is less than 10 kilograms. By comparison, a low-e wood frame window has a carbon cost of approximately 444 kilograms per square meter. Over its useful life solar window film saves 100 times more greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere than is used or created during its manufacture.

Solar window film eliminates harmful solar rays

Solar window film filters visible light and blocks more that 99% of harmful ultraviolet ( UV ) light associated with premature ageing and skin cancer. With an SPF of 285 +, window film can also protect furnishings, carpets, art and more from fading and damage due to UV exposure.

For more information on Energy Saving Window Films see below:

Energy Efficiency 
Improving the Energy in Buildings
Building Energy Analysis Example 1
Building Energy Analysis Example 2
Building Energy Analysis Example 3

Silver 20 Specifications

Performance Data 
Total Solar Energy Rejected77%
Solar Energy Reflected52%
Solar Energy Absorbed34%
Solar Energy Transmitted14%
Visible Light Transmitted17%
Visible Light Reflected55%
Ultra Violet Light Rejected99%
Shading Coefficient0.27
Solar Heat Gain Coeff. (g Value)0.23
Glare Reduction81%
Performance Guide 
Solar Heat Rejection5/5
Glare Reduction5/5
UV Reduction5/5
Fade Reduction5/5
Safety & SecurityN/A
One-Way Privacy4/5
Two-Way PrivacyN/A
Warranty Period10 Years

Key: Excellent - 5/5 | Some Benefit: 1/5

Sentinel Plus QX 70 Specifications

Performance Parameters for Different Window Types4mm Single clearSimple vitrage4/12/4mm Double clear Double vitrage4mm Triple ClearTriple vitrage
Performance ResultsNo filmWith QX 70No filmSans filmWith QX 70No filmWith QX 70
Solar Energy 
Solar heat gain coefficient (G-value).
Solar heat gain reduction %044047048
Total solar energy rejected %135123593063
Selective IR Energy Rejection (SIRR) @280-2500nm %198934914693
IR Energy Rejection (IRER) @780-2500 nm %168826913493
Light to solar heat gain ratio (VLT/SHGC)1.041.411.051.521.061.56
Transmittance %854073356331
Absorptance %73714411943
Reflectance %82313241826
Visible Light 
Transmittance %906982627557
Reflectance exterior %81515192022
Reflectance interior %81415202024
Glare reduction %024024023
Thermal energy      
Winter U-factor (W/m2 °C)
Ultraviolet light      
Blocked @300 to 380 nm %36>9951>9961>99
Fade control 
Fading factor (Tdw-ISO @300-700 nm) %1854674426638
Fade reduction coefficient %046043042

1 1ISO method to determine discoloration caused by wavelengths 300 - 700 nm. The lower the value, the less discoloration.

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