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Ultima Signal Defence System Film

Electronic Assets: Secure or Susceptible?

Your information is valuable and it’s not unrealistic to think that someone is trying to get their hands on it. To prevent this, your organisation may employ security measures that range from commonplace to exotic.

The proliferation of decentralised client-server computing environments and the use of wireless LANs, work stations, laptops, cell phones, Bluetooth technology and PDAs has allowed data to be readily accessible virtually anywhere. Even the most sophisticated InfoSec methods of securing your electronic assets within the network are susceptible to surveillance once data is displayed. It’s the Achilles heel of any IT security strategy.


Radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) signals generated from electronic and voice devices within a building “leak” through the glass windows to the outside world, introducing a significant security threat.

This RF/IR signal leakage allows unauthorised parties to monitor, eavesdrop, record and steal confidential and valuable electronic information and voice conversations from an organisation even though encryption and other cyber security protections have been deployed.

Your Information Technology / Our Film Technology.

RF and IR signals leakage can be significantly reduced by deploying LLumar® Signal
Defence SD2500 (or SD2510 blast combination) Security Film on windows and glazed areas of the building, offering upwards of 46 dB attenuation to wireless signals. If wireless signals are not accessible to others, then faults with respect to LAN encryption, authentication, VPN, and firewall rules can still be protected until they are corrected.

Secure. And Green.

Protection of your electronic assets should be your primary reason for selecting LLumar Signal Defence Security Film. But it pays for itself in other ways. For instance, the SD2500 film has the highest Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) rating of any of its product kind worldwide, making it a great choice for reducing energy costs when running HVAC systems. Plus, it reduces harmful and damaging electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions to provide your staff with a healthier and safer work environment.


  • To date significant funding is being spent on both Physical and IT security
  • Fastest growing technology is wireless based; i,e., smart phones, laptops, iPads which exposes critical information on wireless airwaves
  • The "wireless" component of these technologies is NOT addressed by current physical or IT security controls (there is a need to create a Secure Work Environment or SWE and EMSEC for Emission Security)
  • Early EMSEC adaptors (within the last 10 years) include Defence and Intelligence agencies in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more recently some major petroleum, mining, financial and publishing organisations.


  • All the vulnerabilities associated with wireless technology including covert cell phone manipulation, WiFi signal access, self-inflicted RF flood attacks, and of course more advanced TSCM related products (bugs)
  • LASER microphone advancements (covert, line of sight at greater distances)
  • The THREATS are IT has been physical is secured...access to wireless is becoming the path of least resistance


  • Examine creating Secure Working Environment for heavily used, sensitive information locations; i.e. boardrooms, meeting rooms, executive offices, homes and autos, etc
  • Decide on risk tolerance vs funding vs prioritised SWE locations
  • Create SWE for both active and passive EMSEC with priority for RF assessment, followed by countermeasures with an urgency for windows, to defeat LASER and RF vulnerabilities


Ultima Signal Defence System - Specifications and information sheet

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